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My boyfriend and I have been dating for three months. I am totally crazy deeply in love with him. I want to tell him. But the thing is, he broke up with me two weeks into our relationship because he had panicked. Which, I don't blame him... But anyways... I want to tell him. And I know I should. But I don't want to at the same time because I don't want to totally throw him into a frenzy. But I don't know if he'd do that or not... I really really love him. I've been in other relationships, I've been in love and I know how it feels and this is very much like that. It's better... Anyways... I should tell him, right? It's been three months, I should tell him... Right? Or should I wait? What? I should tell him. Someone tell me. I should tell him, right?
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I'd wait another three months...and don't even act like you guys won't still be together- we ALL know you will! <3
i dunno though..i mean, if you feel so strongly about it, it might be better to tell him. maybe he's wondering the same thing? you don't want to make him freak out though. its a tough decision. i've been there. maybe it'd be easier if you wrote him a letter? If you've been in love before, then you know what you're feeling is true, ...I would tell him. If you're still uncomfortable..wait a week or two. But I think you should.

also, will you please add me to your friends list? i've been reading your entries for a while now, (i think i emailed you about it and stuff before) but i think you made it friends only :(