Holly (wakeupfaerie) wrote in ask_manda,

I like to rant.

Okay, I have a good example of how fucked up some guys can be... Prepare yourself...

So this guy, Bernie. He dated my friend Angela for about 4 months last year. They broke up. Not two days later after they had broken yup, he was screwing around with some other girl and freakin' hitting on me. Have we established that he's a creep yet? If not, let me try again...

He got back into a relationship that he had going on prior to the one that he was in with my friend. Some sources say that he never left that relationship completely and that the entire time that he was with my friend Angela, he was with this other girl too. Anyways... he was with her last summer and he STILL kept talking to me, begging me to hook up with him. I, at the time, was also in a relationship, and he knew about that too, and that did not stop him from flirting and trying to touch and get his hands down my pants... So we all finally played a big prank on him, and I was the mastermind behind it. He left me alone... For a while. He kept instant messaging me and shit... Just NOT leaving me alone until I stopped going online under the name that he knew. That was that.

Until tonight. I got an email from him, "Hey sexy whats up, blah blah blah, i still really think youre hot, lets hook up sometime." And he hadn't spoken to me since God-knows-when, so I thought it was okay to go back on using that old name. Its my AOL name, I can't really escape it. So many people know that name and I occasionally like to talk to them. I didn't think in a million years that he would keep my name on his list. He's talking to me right now... Let's hook up, he says. Let me borrow you from your boyfriend. Lets go out.

He. Is a creep. And always will be. And that's all... I just needed to rant. And more people read this than do my own livejournal. Blah. Thanks.
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